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  • First off, let's start with your outfit. It's not a formal event, so dress comfortably. Bridal shows can often take up your whole day, so you'd want to be casual, and comfy. Save the heels and dresses for your bachelorette!

    Bring ADDRESS STICKERS with your wedding date, phone number and email, just in case you decide to leave your information with impressive vendors. Plus, it is time saving, which allows you to explore shows, and hundreds of other vendors quickly. If you don't have any, bring a pen and be ready to fill out the blanks.

    Bring a TOTE BAG. Usually some vendors will give out complimentary totes or bags so you can put everything in them. And most of the time, you're automatically greeted with one at the door, but I would recommend bringing one of your own because these can easily run out. Remember, you're going to be alongside hundreds of other brides, bridesmaids, and a few grooms here and there.

    Bring a CAMERA, and a NOTEBOOK. Or your phone to capture vendor booths you think you'll be interested in. Having a notebook handy will allow you to jot down anything that comes to mind, or what makes a vendor stand out. At the end of the day, you probably won't remember every single vendor. This will help you gather your information, and narrow down what, or who you like, and what you'll need.

    Bring a WATCH. Just to keep you on track, because bridal fairs only last so long. You can get pulled into one vendor for too long, not realizing the TIME!

    Bring your BRIDESMAIDS, or FIANCE, or PARENTS, or WEDDING PLANNER. Anyone you think that is neutral, but can also give you a good, and honest opinion, along with the planning. Bridesmaids are usually your go-to's, but bringing your fiance can determine both your likes and dislikes. Parents are great, too, for moral support. We've met some wonderful parents in past bridal shows, and some have even become the wedding planners. They are totally 100% in this with you.

    Go with an open mind, and get to know your vendors. These are the people you will be working with to make your dream wedding come to life. Get ready to do a lot of mingling, and we hope to see you at the Luxury Wedding Show at the Catta Verdera Show this Sunday, September 21, from 12-4 p.m. Good-luck!

    Still need to purchase tickets? Go to Luxury Wedding Shows.

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