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Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Turning 40

Personal Musings
Posted by Jennifer on August 1
Photographed by Jennifer

Jennifer posted by Jennifer

I have many friends, including myself, turning 40 this year. Cory decided to host a joint "turning 40" party for my BFF Kerry and I - Kerry's bday was in July and mine is coming up in August. I say Cory hosted, but really there were a few key people involved in helping make this party super fun for all us girls, whereas Cory just picked up the bill. :-)

First, my cousin Natalie had this sign made (by Jennie of Studio 1621 on etsy).

Floral Design: Ambience Floral Design
Banner: Studio 1621

Desserts: Sweet Cakes by Rebecca
Paper Products: Paper Garden

Studio 1621 on etsy

Natalie then picked up flowers from Katie of Ambience Floral Design.

Ambience Floral Design

They were done in my favorite flower (the Gerbera Daisy) and Kerry's favorite flower (tulips). We decided on a red/black/white/silver theme.

Ambience Floral Design

Natalie, with some help from Paper Garden, made Food and Dessert Menu cards.

Paper Garden menu cards

My friend, Lisa, who is an awesome culinary expert, made some appetizers. Stuffed mushrooms, roasted shrimp cocktail, endive with goat cheese, fig, and honey walnuts, and the most amazing sesame crusted chicken tea sandwiches. From the moment Lisa arrived, she put us to work (me, Rob, Val, and Natalie) so in some ways you could say we all had some sort of hand in these creations under Lisa's expert guidance!

appetizer ideas

My sister and Rob sliced up some bread and brie, fresh veggies, and Natalie made her famous book club bruschetta.

appetizer ideas

Lisa made home-made jalapeno bread-sticks, Natalie made her yummy cheese-ball, and then Rob and Val sliced up a bunch of fruit, not only to eat, but also for the sangria.

appetizer ideas

Rebecca and Hector of Sweet Cakes by Rebecca hooked us up with our favorite desserts: Red Velvet cake pops, chocolate mini-cupcakes, caramel-white-chocolate dipped pretzels, and chocolate dipped strawberries. She did a great job using our Red color theme.

Sweet Cakes by Rebecca

Natalie and I were a bit crazed trying to get ready in time, when the electrical outlets in the bathroom went out. We managed to dry our hair and get dressed moments before everyone arrived. And, I was rushing around trying to take some food pics before we all dove in and stuffed ourselves silly.

Of course, with a few photographers in the house, there was no way we weren't doing some photos! Kerry had childhood friends and we had mutual work friends: Jernee, Tammy, Adrian, Kara, Sara, Kathy, and of course Kerry.

40th birthday photos

And family and more friends: my sissy Val, my cousin Natalie, and the MJ girls: Kirsten, Teresa and Kelly.

40th birthday photos

Oh wait...and more friends. My friend Jen and Lisa, and Cory snapped another one of me and Kirst.

40th birthday photos

Later in the night we decided to have everyone jump in for a group photo...and somehow we did the Cory "Bird" photo.

40th birthday photos

This is me and my BFF Kerry.

40th birthday photos

I couldn't help but take some photos of two of my favorite cards, from my sister and my friend Jen.

40th birthday cards

And from my sissy, the cute "I'm the Big sister" bear and a wonderful book that told a cute story about "what if there were no sisters". It was a good read!

I love you all! So glad we could all celebrate together.

40th birthday gifts

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