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  • Selfie this, selfie that. The evolution of selfies have taken over for the past few years, and within a short time, the wave has grown larger with the infamous Selfie Stick.

    From tween to teens, and young adults, the wave has slowly reached the older generation as well. Parents, and grandparents have learned how to utilize this device and they aren't completely shy about it either, especially when rocking the selfie stick with their kids. So, why not join in on the fun, and be the cool parent you were meant to be with a selfie stick!

    Here's How To Save Memories of Your Kids:

    1.Let the Kids Take Over: Kids enjoy these cool gadgets, and if you let them take control, they are more likely to take photos with you instead of running away. Well, they might run away at some point to take their own photos, too. I know some of my friends with teenagers that go wild for these things, but wouldn't that be a change of pace? It's nice to know they enjoy time with you, and you're not totally boring.

  • Learn how to save memories of your kids using the selfie stick. The new and improved model works much better, and is easy to handle.

  • 2.Road Trips: Having the selfie stick on board is a plus when documenting your road trips. Kids are totally into car selfies, and you can take several throughout your trip. They don't always have to be inside the car either. Once you've pulled over for a break, snap a quick one outside on the car! It's a great way in preserving your travels while tagging each other on social media.

  • Learn how to save memories of your kids using the selfie stick. The new and improved model works much better, and is easy to handle.

  • 3. The Outdoors: This one is really fun when you're out and about and find some really cool sights. Whether you're hiking, setting up a campfire, spotting an animal, or just relaxing at the beach, these make great selfie shots without disturbing the peace. See how easy it is - mother nature at its best!

  • Learn how to save memories of your kids using the selfie stick. The new and improved model works much better, and is easy to handle.

  • 4. Sports: The extendable selfie can get amazing shots when your kids are out in the field. It can be almost comparable to a professional shot if you use it the right way. It's probably best to use it on the sidelines or lower level seating so you're not blocking the crowd. And be sure your arena allows them inside the venue. It's exceptional for outdoor sports like track, in which you can capture these amazing angles and back shots when your kid is preparing to run!

  • Learn how to save memories of your kids using the selfie stick. The new and improved model works much better, and is easy to handle.

  • 5. Family Events: What better way to preserve memories than doing it yourself (DIY). Capture family group photos with the selfie stick in hand at family events. It's so much easier sending the photos to each other as well, and an easy way to make memories.

  • Learn how to save memories of your kids using the selfie stick. The new and improved model works much better, and is easy to handle.

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  • Every couple wants a perfect wedding-it's a once in a lifetime dream come true. Before that happens though, the reality reminds us that preparation is usually the most stressful for not only the bride and the groom but also the entire family. That is why for every couple who plans to wed, there ís one essential concept they should know-wedding tools.

    Wedding tools is a mechanism that alleviates stress, an inevitable part of the planning. It may come in various ways depending on the kind of wedding one wants to have. This may include wedding checklist, gowns, groom's needs, invitation, photography, and honeymoon.

  • Wedding tools is a mechanism that alleviates stress, an inevitable part of the planning.

  • Fundamental for any planning is the checklist. A wedding checklist is like note taking of important details. It is very useful for organization and reminder.

    The wedding checklist consists of specific items, date, time, and place. It ranges from all the needed materials like decorations, party rentals, food, events to be organized, music to be played, and so on. The checklist makes sure you will accomplish every little detail of the wedding. Apparently, this is not a once-seating feat. The list will surely lengthen as you go.

    The next tool is the gown. This is the most fantasized about in the entire event. For most women, choosing their gowns is as much vital as the wedding itself.

    Indeed, it is necessary for the gown to match the over-all tone of the wedding but this should not restrict the bride in fusing her own creativity and style. A heavy-beaded gown go with a formal cathedral wedding for example. On the other hand, a length-train gown does not fit a beach setting.

    The needs of the groom are also part of the excitement. Aside from the suit he will be wearing are the roles and expectations he should take during the wedding planning. For some ceremonies, grooms write their speeches. Sometimes, since the women mostly do the preparations on the rest of the wedding, the men plan the honeymoon.

    The wedding can only be as fun as one can imagine because of the witnesses. Vital, therefore, is the creation of the guest list. It serves two purposes-making sure significant people in your lives are present while at the same time keeping your budget. Space of the place is also a consideration in doing the wedding guest list. Be sure the people invited fit the space.

    Because photos immortalize moments, this is another important consideration in the planning. The photographer, preserving photos, and saving money are just some of the essential matters to be taken into account.

    Lastly, a honeymoon right after the wedding is planned way ahead. Honeymoons are part of the traditional wedding which has been modified as time passed by. Before, honeymoons were kept secret from the bride.

    Preparations might be a real pain but when the wedding runs the way you wished it would be, it is going to be a priceless satisfaction. Remember to have fun with it, and you'll be less stressed!

    Need ideas to start planning your wedding? Check out our Wedding Boards on our Memory Journalists Pinterest page.

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  • Weddings need not to be expensive. There are numerous tips on how to achieve such a beautiful experience without having a pain in the pocket.

  • Weddings need not to be expensive. There are numerous tips on how to achieve such a beautiful experience without having a pain in the pocket. Get tips on going for a budgeted wedding on today's post!

  • Trimming down your guest list is a primary step. The significant people who should not be forgotten include only your family and closest friends. The more you feel obliged to invite the entire office and the people you have not talked to in a while, the more you will be spending exponentially. Shortening your list will not only trim down your catering costs but also expenditures on rentals, printing costs, gifts, and so on. It is advisable to reduce your guest list by category. For example, invited relatives only who fall under your second cousin up to the closest. Invite your best friends in college instead of including the whole members of your organization.

    Shortening your guest list will also help you cut expenses on postage and printing for wedding invitations. Instead of sending them all through mail, you can personally visit the people who are close to your home or office. Also, make your reply slips through mail, telephone, or mobile phone. You can totally take advantage of social media platforms as well! Mostly everyone you may know, is on Facebook-create a private event, and invite the people closest to you. You can even post Event invitations on your wedding website, or through an E-Vite and people can answer with "yes I'm going, no, or maybe."

    You can also get discounts on catering services and room rentals if your wedding day is on off-peak season. These dates are usually on weeknights and Sundays. For traditional wedding celebrations however, it is advisable to schedule your wedding day on religious holidays. This will cut your decoration expenditures since churches already have ornaments.

    Another way to cut expenses is either rent, borrow, or make custom-made materials. Transportation is one example that you can rent or borrow from someone you know. You can also borrow several items from a relative or friend such as kitchenware, jeweleries, or bride's shoes. Also, pull manpower and resources from your friends and family. Ask their help in making items like ribbons, pew bows, church programs, wedding invitations, and giveaways. You can also browse our Memory Journalists Pinterest page for do-it-yourself wedding items for more suggestions on designs. Furthermore, instead of hiring professional photographers and videographers, you can ask some of your friends to take time taking photos and video of the wedding using digital video cameras. But, if photography and videography is important to you, make this one of your main costs.

    Renting or buying dresses for the bride, bridesmaids, groom, and his friends will also reduce costs. A little creativity will do to revamp the dresses like putting laces, beads, and ribbons. It is advisable not to spend too much on wedding attire so as not to ruin your entire wedding cost.

    Moreover, you can save a lot of money in your choice of wedding food and drinks. First, find the least expensive caterers. Then weigh which is cheaper between a buffet and seated dinner. Or, nowadays, food trucks are extremely popular and can be used for your catering, or pull through for a late night snack at the wedding reception.

    In many weddings, couples have asked for practical items like kitchenware and home appliances and items as gifts from their friends and family. Getting free practically every essential item at home will lessen the burden cost you have to spend during the wedding. I hope these tips help you out to plan a beautiful, and budgeted wedding! Best Wishes!

    Need pricing for photography? Head on over to our Contact page for more information.

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  • Indeed, weddings are definitely one of the happiest moments in a person's life. But, this momentous occasion does not always come as blissful as the event itself. Days and even months before the big day, couples usually cram up with the littlest details. The wedding planning process includes listing down and cutting down everything into specific details such as the wedding date, the venue, the reception, the caterer, the designer of the gown and suit, all the way down to the wedding coverage.

    Because of hectic schedules, most couples usually do not pay much attention to one of the crucial things in their wedding: the wedding coverage. Despite the overwhelming tension and excitement, couples do not have to be nonchalant when choosing their wedding photographers if they want their fun times and precious memories recorded very well.

  • The Significance of Wedding Photography In Wedding Planning is indeed the most important. Choose a good quality photographer who is able to deliver great and memorable work.

  • Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

    To avoid making this slight neglect that usually leads disastrous results, couples have to decide first what kind of wedding photography they would want to have. Most wedding photographers today categorize the types of wedding photography into two of the traditional or classic style and the wedding photo-journalistic style.

    Today, the most common style used by wedding photographers is the traditional or classic wedding photography, and is considered as a 'timeless' and the 'safest' style because it's what you normally see in countless wedding albums. Characterized by classic poses of subjects aware of the camera, this style involves so much control from the photographer because he is in-charge in arranging individual and group shots before, during, and even after the wedding.

    Here, the photographer must have excellent portraiture skills to focus more on the quality of the photograph by making the subject look great from the littlest details. Expect typical wedding photos like pre-ceremony pictures, formal shots of the bride and groom posing with bridesmaids and ushers, cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss when you choose a classic wedding photography. This style is ideal if the couple would want to keep portraits of family members for their wedding album.

    If the couple is adventurous and unconventional, then you might want to consider the wedding photojournalistic style of photography on your big day. An increasingly popular style today, wedding photojournalism offers fresh and new style of taking photos in the occasion. Characterized by candid shots of the subjects unaware of the moving camera, the photojournalism style lets the attendees act freely to capture their pure and true emotion.

    Sourcing style from his experience in journalism, the 'photojournalist' pays more attention to minute details and candid shots rather than arranged ones. He's more into eyeing interesting moments and capturing those in his lens to produce a narrative collection of images that tell a story. Although some traditional poses will be present, expect photos that show actual emotions of the bride and groom and of other participants throughout the duration of the wedding when you choose the photojournalism style.

    While wedding planning, make sure that you meet up with your photographer first to avoid ruining the documentation of that big event. Make sure that that early on, the wedding photographer meets all of your standards. When you meet with the photographer before hand, you could discuss the details you want. Just keep in mind that you'll be seeing your photographer throughout the whole day, so meeting your photographer is truly important because you want to make the best possible connection with him/her.

    Nowadays, most people rely on reviews, and browsing through wedding websites, social media, or getting referrals through friends and families can definitely narrow down your search. Here at The Memory Journalists, we know how significant photography is. So, if it's important to you, don't skimp on the cost, and find good quality photographers in your area!

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  • Wedding planning is the most crucial part of any successful wedding. For couples who are planning to get married soon, the best thing that they should focus on as early as now is how to plan for their wedding in a systemized and orderly manner.

    Planning a wedding could be easy as 1,2,3 if only you know what are the things that you should prioritize. Here are some tips that would help you get started to that successful wedding planning:

  • Paving the way for a successful wedding planning with these quick steps will start you off on the right foot.

  • 1. Choosing the wedding attire. For most women, weddings are all about gowns. Since this is the case, take time to research on wedding attires and gowns in general. This is crucial because instead of spending so much time in opening one site to another, you can save more time if the site has everything that you need to know. When researching, make sure that you take note about wedding dress styles available, how to choose a wedding dress for a specific body type, stores that sell quality gowns, price ranges for each wedding dress style or design, and the accessories, jewelry, or shoes that would complement each wedding dress type as well as the hairstyles and make up perfect for the wedding dress you have in mind.

    It would also be practical to include a little research about for rent wedding dresses in case you couldnít find your dream wedding dress on sale. Make sure that you print everything after so you can use it as a guide once you go out for wedding dress shopping. Aside from conducting research online, you can also browse bridal magazines such as Modern Bride, Brides, and so much more and cut out the photos of the wedding dress that tickle your fancy. You can even bring the entire magazine itself once you decide to visit bridal stores.

  • 2. Look for a nice but cheaper venue. Experts say that it will be better if you have chosen one place where the wedding will be held as well as the reception. But since not all cases allow this, the best alternative that you have is to look for a nice restaurant near the place of the wedding for the reception.

  • 3. Pay attention to the wedding ring. During wedding planning, a considerable amount of time should be given in searching for that perfect diamond wedding ring. This is because it can be stressful and strenuous because there are so many things to consider such as the beauty, shape, size, and cost. The best thing you can do is to trim down these options based on your personal preference and taste. If you are one of those couples who are planning to buy a diamond wedding ring set for the wedding, it would be best if you find time to research on what is available.

    If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to get information on this, browsing the Internet is the way to go. But you can also make appointments with vendors and venues to physically experience and envision your day. Communication is key as well, and it's important to have that special connection with the people you may potentially be working with.

    Need somewhere to start? Find many inspirations at our Memory Journalists Pinterest page for wedding dresses, venues, and more.

    I hope these 3 tips get you started on the right foot to planning your wedding. Good luck!

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